Annual Subscription FAQs

You can find the allocation of points within the CPD guide Booklet 6 which can be found within the MPI Verifier Academy or within the resources of the SFS online training portal.

Attending virtual eLearning programmes will gain you a maximum of 5 CPD points per annum, however the knowledge gained during additional virtual eLearning programmes can be applied to the peer and shadow focused activities as per the CPD points framework.

Following payment of the annual subscription, each member of the team will receive an email notification to access their personalised training portal. Members will be prompted to create their own unique username and password. Members will then have access to the SFS training portal for viewing of course content, resources etc.

Yes, all courses viewed under the 1st year subscription will remain accessible in your second and subsequent subscribed year. However, if there are significant changes required to course content which was previously available (change in legislation, COP), then SFS reserve the right to release this course as a new course as part of the subscription course numbers.

This situation will be dependent on the number of courses the member of the team has consumed before relocating. Please contact to discuss your options.

You are welcome to add additional members to your annual subscription. Please contact to discuss your options.

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