Allergen Management under a Template Food Control Plan

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This course has been specifically designed to assist food operators in understanding how to manage allergens according to the requirements of the Simply Safe and Suitable Template Food Control Plan (TFCP). 

The certificate gained from this course can be used as evidence of internal staff training on the management of allergens within a food operating environment. 

The content of this course includes an overview of the regulatory requirements for the declaration of allergens under the Food Standards Australia, New Zealand (FSANZ). You will learn about what is an allergen, the difference between allergens and food intolerance’s and why allergen recalls are on the rise. 

You will also learn about the key elements of an allergen management plan under a TFCP, the allergen management challenges faced by food businesses inclusive of how to internally assess the management of allergens aligned with the TFCP requirements.


  1. How do I register for this workshop?
    • Prior to purchase of the course, you will be asked to complete the BILLING DETAILS and to create your own unique username and password. On completion of the registration process you will be taken to CHECKOUT. Please ensure you tick the TERMS & CONDITIONS box before proceeding to BUY NOW. You are welcome to pay by credit card or request INVOICE ME PLEASE.
    • Please note that there is a 4% fee on purchases paid by credit card.
  2. What can I expect after pressing BUY NOW for payment of the course?
    • You will receive an email detailing the purchase of the course and instructions for accessing the course once payment has been confirmed. 
    • If payment has been made by credit card, you will have immediate access to MY COURSES.
    • If payment is by invoice, the invoice amount is required to be paid prior to access to MY COURSES. 
  3. Do I need to complete a prerequisite prior to attending this workshop?
    • There are no prerequisites to this online course.
  4. How do I access the course content information?
    • You will have received an email following payment of the course. This email has a direct link to MY COURSES login page. Alternatively you can you go to click on MY COURSES which will take you through to your PROFILE page.
    • If you have logged out of the website you will need to enter in your login name and password you created during the registration process.
    • Once in your PROFILE page, please click on the course title you have purchased and follow the instructions within the homepage of your course.
  5. Can I view the course information using my phone as well as my tablet and laptop? 
    • Yes. The course content and assessment can be viewed on most operating systems including Mac, Windows inclusive of apple and android mobile devices. 
  6. What browser should I use for viewing course content. 
    • You can view the Advanced Online Food Safety Course through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. We have received some feedback that Internet Explorer offers the best viewing with some glitches being experienced with Chrome. 
  7. Do I need Adobe PDF reader to view PDF resource information? 
    • It is recommended to download Adobe PDF reader to offer the best quality on reading PDF resource information however this is not a requirement.
  8. Do I need to access audio for viewing course content? 
    • Yes. The online course requires you to either use your computer speakers or earphones.
  9. The video I am watching keeps buffering, how can I prevent this from happening?
    • Depending on the speed of your internet you may need to reduce the quality of the video you are watching to prevent the content from stopping and starting. You can do this by clicking on the settings button on the bottom right of the video screen and reduce the quality as see fit.
  10. Do I need to watch all the content of the training in one go or can I spread the time I watch these videos over the period I have access to the course? 
    • You are more than welcome to attend the course and watch the videos at your own pace.
  11. If I choose to split up my training over several days, how do I know which lesson I have previously attended? 
    • On completion of a lesson, please ensure that you have clicked the COMPLETE button at the bottom of the page to indicate that you have attended and understood the content that has been delivered to you. If you fail to click this button you will not know which lesson you have attended nor can you progress to the next module.
  12. For some reason, I cannot seem to access subsequent Modules after Module 1.
    • Please ensure that you have clicked the COMPLETE tab per session inclusive of the COMPLETE tab per Module. Once stated as COMPLETE you can progress to the next Module and following that, your Assessment.
  13. Is there an assessment to this course?
    • Participants are required to complete a multi-choice assessment and achieve an 80% pass rate to successfully complete the course.
  14. If I do not achieve an 80% pass rate, can I take the assessment again?
    • You have 3 attempts to take the assessment to achieve an 80% pass rate.
  15. Do I receive a certificate for attending this course and when will this certificate be available to me? 
    • Following successful completion of the course, you will have access to an electronic course certificate which can either be  downloaded following your assessment or you can return to your PROFILE page which maintains a copy of your certificate per purchased course.
  16. How long do I have access to the online course? 
    • Following receipt of payment, participants have access to the online course for 30 days.  


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