COMING SOON Food Sector Training for Risk-Based Measures


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Safe Food Services are developing training programmes specific to the food sectors described within the Food Act 2014 (Schedule 1 FCP, Schedule 2 NP).  These courses are designed to offer the food business operator, consultant or verifier, knowledge of potential cross contamination risks associated with the environment, receiving, storage, handling, processing and dispatch of specific food products.

As with all Safe Food Services, these courses will be aligned with the MPI verification and audit criteria. The first of these training programmes under development is focused on the risks associated with producing food for vulnerable groups at an early childhood educator (ECE) facility.

This one day interactive workshop will be been designed to reflect the requirements of the Food Act 2014 and the Food Regulations 2015, ‘Protection of food during production, processing and handling’ for three different food sectors.

Participants will be offered a comprehensive overview of the food safety hazards that are likely to cause foodborne illness for each food sector and how to protect against contamination through applying Good Operating Practices in every step of the food handling process.

If there are any specific food sector training you would like included during the development of these training programmes, please feel free to send your comments through the Safe Food Services Contact Page


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